Hansen Christmas Letter // 2015

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

I'm very convinced that having a little one makes all of life, especially the holidays, extra sweet and fun. This year we got our tree extra early, decorated the house a little more than normal, actually bought presents early enough to have them wrapped under the tree, walked around downtown and looked at Christmas lights, visited Santa's reindeer, listened to Christmas music (thanks Mollie for sharing your best Christmas Secrets... we love the Dave Barnes Pandora station) and let Ike open up presents throughout December!

Stitch Fix #2 // December 2015

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

December is crazy because of Christmas (duh) and the many birthdays that our family has. It can get to be present/shopping overload. Anywho I typically pick out all my presents and sometimes will even buy or order them and wrap them. I know it's weird but I always have and probably always will do this! Stitch Fix is perfect because I get some control (scheduling a fix) but there's still an element of surprise (what I'm sent). Anywho, Stitch Fix #2 arrived on my birthday and again I'm a huge fan!! 

Dear Body, I hate you but thank you...

Sunday, October 25, 2015

I'm going to take a wild guess that most of you have never heard of dysautonomia or autonomic nervous disorders. I'll even venture to say most of you may not even know what your autonomic nervous system is or does. It's only mildly important as in it controls/regulates one's heart rate, blood pressure, body temperature, breathing yadda yadda yadda. Don't feel too bad though. I had never heard of it prior to being diagnosed with two forms of dysautonomia (neurocardiogenic syncope & inappropriate sinus tachycardia). If you're wanting more information on dysautonomia you can read this past blog post what the *bleep* is dysautonomia

Anywho October is Dysautonomia Awareness month, which has forced me to do some reflection. Living with dysautonomia the past two year has been a bit of a whirlwind. I have had to learn (the hard way cause I'm stubborn) that there is no black and white with autonomic disorders. It's all grey.

grateful for the (sweet) inconveniences

Monday, October 19, 2015

In the past 207 days I have learned that babies are rather inconvenient. They do what they want, when they want and how they want. And they really don't care what your plans are for the day or night. Nope they are the bosses. It's rude. Okay and while we are being honest, I also want to point out that babies are extremely codependent, as in you do every little thing for them. All the way from feeding them to cleaning poop off their cute little baby butts to making sure they don't find and eat tape (although sometimes that does happen and it's not the end of the world). It's hard work being a baby. 

I'm six months plus a couple days into being Ike's mama and it's been a learning experience. You think (or at least I did) that you have a small idea about what being a parent will be like but you seriously have no clue until you have those cute baby eyes staring at you!! I should probably interject that I absolutely love love love being a mom (don't let the paragraph above fool you). 
I'm still adjusting and learning how to be a somewhat sane person/mom. Is that even possible?! 

Stitch Fix #1 // September 2015

Friday, September 25, 2015

A couple evenings ago, I was unpacking all of Ike's fall/next size up clothes and I was thinking that being a baby is practically the best thing ever because you get a new wardrobe every couple of months. I was pretty jealous.

Unless you've been living under a rock, you probably have heard about Stitch Fix I created an account awhile back but never got around to actually scheduling a fix. I had a lot of doubts but on the slight chance it did work I knew I would love it! I've been wanting some new clothes after having Ike and who has time to shop these days?! Yes it does pain me to say that!! This is the girl who practically spent most of her senior year of high school at the mall. Those were the days! Anywho I finally scheduled a fix (and that makes me feel like a shopping addict... but I guess I am having someone shop for me) and it arrived Wednesday. 

Ike Ross // Newborn Pictures

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Well I'm the mom of a 4 month old and that's kind of weird. I know it's cliche but time does fly and yes it does seem like yesterday that he was born. 

I had my first "my-baby-isn't-a-baby-anymore" panic moment recently and that sucked.

Why do babies think they can grow up and become independent and not stay little forever?! It's quite rude actually. So anywho I'm going to sit here and sulk and stare at these newborn pictures. Get ready for extra kisses and snuggles tomorrow mister cause this mama is feeling sentimental! 

Mama Rants: Breastfeeding

Monday, May 4, 2015

I have been a mama for all of 39 days so that basically makes me an expert (sarcasm). And if you know me you are well aware of the fact that I never ever have an opinion about anything (sarcasm). You will also be aware that I never am sarcastic (sarcasm). Please tell me you are reading between the lines or rather the parentheses in this case. Also see my disclaimer at the bottom. Now let's get to it. 


I had no clue what I was doing. Was I magically suppose to know how to breastfeed since I had just given birth?! When the nurse asked me if I had tried to nurse Ike yet I just gave her a terrified blank look. Which is probably why she grabbed my boob and Ike's head and smashed them together. Good thing Ike knew what he was doing.

Ike Ross // Birth Story

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Ike Ross | 3.26.15 | 6:31pm | 7lbs 7oz | 20 3/4 inches

It's been twenty-eight (amazing and somewhat sleepless) days. Being pregnant seems like a distant memory and Aaron and I seriously cannot imagine life with our little man. Every day rather moment we fall more in love with Ike as the three of us are learning more and more about each other. We've discovered that he loves baths, a certain zebra toy, snuggles, and smiling. I can already say that being a mom is a blast and a huge blessing all at once. I'm a huge fan.

Something you should know about me is that I am a planner. I like to have all the details worked out and I like to be in control. There's nothing wrong with that right?! Unfortunately or rather fortunately depending on how you look at it how I gave birth was out of my control. I have two autonomic disorders that cause an array of random symptoms and a congenital heart defect. This meant my birth plan was extremely simple. Like stupid simple. 

Sh*t This Preggo Has Said

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Preggos here is feeling really pregnant as in 39 weeks and 5 days pregnant. And by really pregnant I actually mean really fat, really tired, really cranky, and really really ready to not be pregnant.

Ike's due date is the day after tomorrow. His eviction date is a week from tomorrow (hallelujah the end is near one way or another). And I am beyond ready. Hospital bags are packed. My nails are painted and my legs are shaved (top priorities). I worked on my tan last week. Nursery is done. The house is currently clean. Car seat is installed. Freezer meals are prepped. Baby announcement envelopes are even addressed. It's time to get this whole labor and delivery thing going. Side note I've never been so excited to push something out of me or have something cut out of me in my life. 

trimesters of pregnancy

amen GET THIS BABY OUT!!! But since that's not happening at the present moment this preggo mama needs a good laugh... so I give you 

Sh*t This Preggo Has Said 

"we are adopting the rest of our kids" 
may or may not have said this numerous times but in my defense 17 weeks of constant nausea sucks big time.

"it's a good pregnancy day when you only pee yourself three times"
the second you get pregnant buy stock or invest in pads or adult diapers or a foley catheter.

"you know this is your fault"
some days you just need to blame someone aka the husband. this is also very effective when you want the husband to do something.

"I don't think I can get any bigger"
I first said this at 20ish weeks. oh how naive I was.

"yup definitely just peed my pants"
fyi Target really needs a bathroom in the back of their store cause sometimes as in all the time your bladder is full and then your sister says something funny and you laugh and the rest is history.

"I feel like there's a bowling ball trying to come out of me.... and I feel like someone gave the baby knives and he's practicing juggling them" 
pelvic pressure made me hate everything.

"Aaron push me... I'm stuck"
gone are the days of being able to do anything easily. things like rolling over in bed, getting out of bed, standing up, getting out of the car, basically moving etc.

"my boobs are leaking"
nope that's perfectly normal. you're just lactating while pregnant.

"I feel like a crippled, swollen, obese, diabetic hippo" 
welcome to the last month of pregnancy.

"I'm going to YouTube how to strip my own membranes"
desperate times call for desperate threats.

"Will you shoot me with an elephant tranquilizer and wake me up when Ike's here?"
simple request. not sure why no one will grant it.

Growing a human being is an amazing miracle but it definitely turns you into a pyscho sometimes. It's been real and it's been fun but I'm definitely ready to enter the next adventure of motherhood. And in case I have not been perfectly clear

I am so ready to have this baby

little man // nursery reveal

Monday, March 16, 2015

One of my favorite parts of being pregnant has been decorating the little man's nursery. It seriously is my favorite room in the house. In fact I'm hanging out in it right now. anywho here is the big reveal. no thanks to Pinterest for making me think I could do any DIY project and for always adding more and more to the to-do list. At 38 weeks plus a couple days we can finally say the room is ready. Now we just need the little man to make his grand entrance. 
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