diy + how to sew an envelope pillow cover in minutes

Thursday, May 29, 2014

obsessed is an understatement when it comes to pillow covers. but in my defense you can never have too many pillows (fact), they are so dang cute (fact), making pillow covers is ridiculously easy (fact), and I just can't stop (fact). our bed already has 9 pillows and i may or may not have bought - yesterday actually - some more fabric and a pillow to add to the collection. 

i've warned you so only continue reading if you also want to become obsessed with sewing pillow covers and decorating every room in your house with pillows. once you start there's no going back. 

diy + how to make and use chalk paint

Thursday, May 22, 2014

one perk of life that i am thoroughly enjoying is Pinterest days. it started out as a girls day to make some simple crafts and make new recipes and has now evolved into something much more serious and hardcore. aka i borrowed {indefinitely} my dad's miter saw. haven't cut off any fingers yet. safety is always a priority just take a look at the last picture. anywho i thought it would be fun to do a diy series on some of what i and my partner in crime Danielle have been making/redoing the past couple of months.  

the B word: budget

Thursday, May 15, 2014

i love having a budget. 

one of my "being goals" for this year is  \\ being financially free //

my tune has definitely changed since we first started budgeting 6 months ago. in fact the only reason i decided to give budgeting a shot was to prove that it does not work. i was certain it would not help with paying down debt and i just knew it would be stressful and confining. i was wrong. so very wrong. 

celebrate the small victories

Saturday, May 3, 2014

i had all these grand plans of getting caught up on blog posts since i've been stuck at home the last month but turns out when simple things are hard work blog posts aren't a priority. anywho it's been almost six weeks since i had a major flare up of my autonomic disorder and i think it's safe to (finally) say i'm feeling better.

its so easy to be thankful for health when I'm feeling great. i distinctly remember praying a few days before my flare up and asking God to help me be thankful even when i don't feel great. oh the irony.   
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