My Story

Hello & Hi... Here is where you will find out everything you want and don't want to know about me!

Name // LeeAnn Hansen

Age // 28

Current City // Omaha 

Occupation // cardiac nurse & DNP graduate student 

Favorite Husband // Aaron (for the record he's also my only husband) 

Favorite Kid // Ike (aka our only kid)

Grew up in  // Kailua, Hawaii

I love // nail polish, yoga, leopard print, retail therapy, tea cup pigs, iced coffee, Candy Crush, pink, IKEA, sarcasm, laughing & changing up my hair

Food // paleo, salty foods, dips and dessert 

Drinks // water, Sweet Red Roo, Boulevard Wheat or Moscow mules

Music // Katy Perry

Hobbies // yoga, napping, hanging with Aaron & Ike, being outside, baking, cleaning, decorating and anything that distracts or postpones doing homework

Diagnosed with // inappropriate sinus tachycardia, neurocardiogenic syncope, congenital right coronary artery anomaly & awesomeness

What I blog about // life's surprises & adventures which includes living with dysautonomia, yoga, open heart surgery, budgeting, family life updates and lots of other randomness

Why you should read my posts // I promise sarcastic, honest posts about the good, the bad and everything in between

Motto // abandon all to live a life captivated

Enjoy reading & be sure to comment... I love hearing from you all! 


  1. I have just come across your blog, I suffer with NCS and other heart issues, I'm loving your blog! X

    1. Elle! Thanks so much leaving a comment! I absolutely love making connections with others that have NCS/naughty hearts! :)

  2. Kristi19.4.16

    My 21 year old daughter was just diagnosed at Mayo with 9 different illnesses and syndromes. We have been searching for 3 years! She had mono in April of her senior year and she's never been the same since. Your posts are somehow tragic, funny, sad and hopeful. Thank you :) In one of your pictures you have what look like my daughter's quarter-sized "hot spots". We call them that, but no doctor has been able to tell us what these are or what causes them. She usually gets them on her hands or feet and, while the rest of her body may be cool or even very cold, these spots are extremely hot--uncomfortable for me to touch for more than a few seconds. Do you have a name for yours and know what causes them?

    1. Hi Kristi!! Thanks for commenting! First of all congratulations to your daughter on finding some answers after years of searching. Its not easy but I do think it's reassuring to have a diagnosis for health problems! When I am having a flare up or my body is "stressed" I will get hot areas mostly on my palms or ears. A chiropractor told me its my body's way of trying to cool down or release heat... that was before finding out that I don't sweat on certain areas of my body so it makes sense! I haven't really looked into it further than that! I have a friend who also has an autonomic disorder and the same thing happens to her ears!


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