Stitch Fix #2 // December 2015

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

December is crazy because of Christmas (duh) and the many birthdays that our family has. It can get to be present/shopping overload. Anywho I typically pick out all my presents and sometimes will even buy or order them and wrap them. I know it's weird but I always have and probably always will do this! Stitch Fix is perfect because I get some control (scheduling a fix) but there's still an element of surprise (what I'm sent). Anywho, Stitch Fix #2 arrived on my birthday and again I'm a huge fan!! 
Trust Delight Commit: December 2015 Stitch Fix Review

There is just something so fun about getting a box of clothes and accessories delivered to your front door! For being such a control freak and picky shopper it's surprising that a stranger can style a box for me solely based off my style profile and Pinterest board. I gotta hand it to Julia because she put together another great box. I'll definitely be sticking with her as a stylist!

I figured out how to take a sneak peek at what was inside the box (thanks a lot Stitch Fix App) and instantly fell in love with the Heddi Scoop Neck Knit Top ($54) from RD Style. I had shared with Julia that I'm currently obsessed with suede and she thought this had a "suede look" and she's totally right! This was definitely a keeper... tags came off and I wore it that night! Winning!! 

Stitch Fix Review: Heddi Scoop Neck Knit Top

Next up was the Corinna Brushed Dolman Knit Top ($54) from Market & Spruce. This top is so so so soft! You probably remember from my previous fix how much of a sucker I am for soft things! Confession: dolman tops aren't my favorite. In fact I have never tried one on because I was convinced I would hate it. One of my Stitch Fix rules is I HAVE to try everything on so I did and surprisingly I didn't hate it. I loved the stripes and softness but it just wasn't love. I should apologize for thinking such terrible things about dolman tops. I bet one will find its way into my closet at some point. 

Stitch Fix Review: Corinna Brushed Dolman Knit Top

Stitch Fix challenges me to try clothes I normally wouldn't. I had expressed a hesitant interest in "moody florals" something I learned about from the Stitch Fix blog. Julia sent me the Hover Lattice Detail Blouse ($48) from Papermoon. 

Truth: I hated this top when I first pulled it out of the box and even more so when I first tried it on. Thankfully I made myself try everything on a 2nd time and ended up falling in love with it. Definitely keeping!! Whew that was close!

Stitch Fix Review: Hover Lattice Detail Blouse

The last top was the Dupree Split Neck Blouse ($58) from Skies are Blue. This color was to die for but the fit was a little awkward. It was loose or tight in the wrong places. You're suppose to be able to roll the sleeves up for a more causal look but apparently I have massive forearms! Sadly this went back.

Stitch Fix Review: Dupree Split Neck Blouse

I had requested a specific blingy statement necklace that unfortunately Julia couldn't find. Instead she sent the Annetta Metal Lace Necklace ($34) from Romolo. I wasn't a fan at all. The only thing I did love was how light it was. Otherwise I thought it was too harsh of a necklace for me! I think a lot of my dislike was that I had my heart set on a different necklace.

Stitch Fix Review: Annetta Metal Lace Necklace

So yes I'm still a huge fan of Stitch Fix and can't wait for another excuse to schedule a fix! So far I have received 3 amazing tops and a necklace from my two fixes and none of them are items I would every thing to try on or buy. Stitch Fix is a great way to add new or different things to your closet!

                       Trust Delight Commit: December 2015 Stitch Fix Review

If you need a refresher this is how Stitch Fix works. It's literally so dang freaking easy... as in too easy. You have been warned. 

1. Sign up at here to create an account and style profile. Huge hugs if you use my referral link to sign up!

2. Optional create a Pinterest board for your stylist to look at and gather inspiration for your fix. Here's mine! This is a great way to let your stylist know things that you are loving or want to try. 

3. Schedule your fix You can sign up for automatic fixes or just chose when you want to receive a fix... basically anytime your heart or closet desires.

4. Wait impatiently to receive your fix. For me this means stalking the mailman the day my fix is suppose to arrive. 

5. Try everything on in the comfort of your own home. I love being able to style the items with things from my closet to see if it's a keeper or not. 

6. Send back anything you don't want using the prepaid mailing bag.

7. Check out online This is where you let your stylist know why you liked or didn't like something. This feedback helps as they style more fixes for you. 

Here's a couple FYIs I have figured out so far.

Styling Fee ($20) You pay this when you schedule a fix, but this amount goes toward whatever you purchase. It's only a "loss" if you don't keep anything from your fix. 

Shipping (free) Enough said.

Referral Bonus Remember the referral link I mentioned earlier? Stitch Fix has a fantastic referral program. When someone signs up using your referral link you receive a $25 credit once their fix ships. 

Buy 5 Discount If you keep all 5 items you receive a 25% discount. So for instance the fix I received totaled $248. If I had kept the 4 tops and necklace I would have only spent $186. It's a great deal. 

You can check out Stitch Fix #1 here if you're interested!


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