Stitch Fix #1 // September 2015

Friday, September 25, 2015

A couple evenings ago, I was unpacking all of Ike's fall/next size up clothes and I was thinking that being a baby is practically the best thing ever because you get a new wardrobe every couple of months. I was pretty jealous.

Unless you've been living under a rock, you probably have heard about Stitch Fix I created an account awhile back but never got around to actually scheduling a fix. I had a lot of doubts but on the slight chance it did work I knew I would love it! I've been wanting some new clothes after having Ike and who has time to shop these days?! Yes it does pain me to say that!! This is the girl who practically spent most of her senior year of high school at the mall. Those were the days! Anywho I finally scheduled a fix (and that makes me feel like a shopping addict... but I guess I am having someone shop for me) and it arrived Wednesday. 

Stitch Fix September 2015

My first Stitch Fix box was styled by Julia and she did a great job! Honestly, I had pretty low expectations for the first fix. I was pretty certain a stranger wouldn't be able to pick out clothes that I liked and that fit because I have a hard enough time finding stuff for myself. Anyways, I was delightfully surprised... Here is what I received!! 

Stitch Fix Review September 2015

I had requested a statement necklace and when I first saw the Caste Floral Metal Bib Necklace ($38) from Romolo in its box I was sure I didn't like it. I never would have picked it out in a store BUT I tried it on and fell in love! 

Stitch Fix Review September 2015, statement necklace

I love all the intricate details and that it's not too heavy! The solid gold is perfect since it will go with practically everything. I tried it on with a couple different outfits and it was the perfect accessory for every outfit! 

Next out of the box was the York Geo Print Henley Blouse ($54) from Skies are Blue. My stomach dropped a little when I held it up cause it was about two sizes too big. At this point I was convinced nothing else would fit! 

Stitch Fix Review September 2015, short sleeve blouse

This top was a little too everything for me - too loose, too white, too small of a print. I just wasn't a fan! Strike one. 

But then I pulled out this top Sam Hi-Lo Short Sleeve Tee ($44) from Market & Spruce and did a little happy dance! 

Stitch Fix Review September 2015, Sam Hi-Lo Short Sleeve Tee

The material is extremely soft and a light sweater material. I absolutely love the color of grey and fit! Welcome to my closet!!  

Next up was the Nial Lace Overlay Top $54 from ljoah. It's a gorgeous navy color and again very soft. I'm a sucker for soft clothes! 

Stitch Fix Review September 2015, Nial Lace Overlay Top, Navy Lace

This is something I would never pick out for myself BUT rule are rules and I tried it on. I do love some lace and I love love love peplum tops but I wasn't so sure about the two together. I didn't hate it but I also didn't love it. I think partly it's because I wear jeans a lot in the fall/winter and it's too much blue. If I had some black, green or grey jeans I think I would have liked this top more! 

The final item was the Oliander Open Cardigan ($58) from Loveappella. It's an unusual tanish/brownish color with hints of red. Absolutely perfect for fall. I was actually hoping this was a sweater when I pulled it out! 

Stitch Fix Review September 2015, cardigan

I wear cardigans a lot, but the fit just wasn't working. I think it was too boxy for me. Sigh. 

Anywho, I can't believe I have TWO things that I'm keeping and absolutely love!! I cannot wait for my next fix! Here are some additional thoughts! 

Sign Up For Stitch Fix 

1. Sign up at here to create an account and style profile
2. Optional: create a Pinterest board for your stylist to look at and gather inspiration for your fix. Here's mine!
3. Schedule your fix!

It's that easy!!

I would totally recommend Stitch Fix. Like I said, I'm sure that you have all heard about it but until I really checked it out and tried it I didn't realize how awesome it is!

For instance, the $20 styling fee you pay when you schedule a fix goes towards your purchase AND if you decide to keep all 5 items you receive 25% off the entire purchase. You can request a new stylist or request to keep the same stylist. You can either sign up for automatic fixes or schedule them when you want. There is also a $25 referral bonus! If someone uses your link to sign up/schedule a fix you receive a $25 credit. Got to love that! Here's my link if you are interested! Oh and I can't forget to mention the free shipping both ways! Whatever you decide to not keep you just place in the provided bag and drop off at any USPS office. This is way too easy my friends!! 


  1. Hey girl! I'm signing up for Stitch, but can't find the link to make sure you get your referral bonus!

    1. Hi Dina! I'm so excited that you're trying Stitch Fix... I've been loving the two pieces I kept from my box. You can use the following link to sign up or you can send an email to customer service and given them my name and email address ( and I should receive a referral bonus. Thank you soooo much and hope you get a couple things you love!!


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