Windmill #28

Thursday, July 4, 2013

the hansens in Colorado Springs

it's so crazy to have already been in our new state and home for a whole WEEK! Aaron and I absolutely love it here. it almost feels like we are on vacation except we don't have to go home... we are home! :)

Some of our new favorite things about Colorado Springs are
eating outside on the deck
IKEA [i've been there 5 times in the last month]
the mountains 
having a pool at our apt complex 
the sunshine 
having a new city to explore 
Denver is only an hour away... aaron is itching to go see a show 

I will be starting my new job at Memorial Hospital this Monday... I am going to be working days [ahhhhhh thank goodness for caffeine] on a cardiac floor. Aaron has been busy with graphic design work and writing music for his record he will be releasing this fall [woot woot]. otherwise we have just been settling in and enjoying a little break before more business starts. this has been a summer for the books or blog :) 

Welcome to Windmill Apt #28
I am falling in love with our 2nd home already! 

the deck.  
front porch
{my favorite place}
{we try to eat as many meals on the deck as possible}

the living room.

living room
IKEA couch + pillow
{i made the pillow covers} 
DIY wall art
{next project = building a mantle for over the fireplace}
gallery wall
{love my gallery wall. hated hanging it.}
the kitchen + dinning room.

 {i have a double sink & a normal size kitchen}
{i love pigs}
{adult beverage station}

{love IKEA furniture}

the bathroom.
{i know it's weird to post picture of a bathroom... but I love the colors} 

{Target + IKEA are my favorites}

{obsessed with patterns}

{his & hers towels}

the man cave. aka aaron's room.

{where the musical magic happens}

our room. aka my room.

{our room is a work in progress... next on the list is sewing some curtains
and putting some pictures on the wall}

{love this window} 


Yours truly :)

Happy 4th of July!!! 


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