grey huuurrr attempt

Friday, July 5, 2013

believe it or not... not working for several months sucks... it's really boring. 
soooooooo why not try to destroy I mean color my hair
my attempt to go grey 

my discovery of Sallys will be quite dangerous for my hair... 

Step #1 bleach the hair 

Step #2 bleach the hair again 

4 packages of bleach in 24 hours... pretty sure I burned my scalp and back of my ears but hey I wasn't brunette anymore... I had legit yellow/orange hair 

Step #3 apply toner 

and wait... and wait... and wait... 


post toner ~ yay for not having orange hair 

Step #4 color application 

sooo didn't really turn old woman grey hair BUT it was sooo fun playing beautician and changing up the hair color! someday I will be grey... either 
naturally or unnaturally :) 

for now I'm loving being a blond(ish) as the color fades 

July 18th will be the next crazy hair do... stay tuned :) 


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