Monday, June 24, 2013

today has been six weeks since I had open heart surgery and it really has been quite the adventure. no more lifting restrictions or riding in the back seat of the car or sleeping upright. surgery gave me my life back. of course it wasn't all fun & games but it was pretty close to it. I blame all the prayers and laughs along with an amazing cheer section... open heart surgery was fun, peaceful, exciting, a learning experience, and really just great!

 I enjoy laughing... at everything and anyone's expense [including my own] it really just makes life more interesting and amusing! :) 

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laughing my way through open heart surgery 

cardiac patient

leopard print make anything better... including having to wear a heart monitor for an entire month. i'm telling you fanny packs are making a come back (hopefully not) but
seriously this helped get me through wearing that annoying machine! 

I got a whole slew of pictures from my friend Genai on the morning of surgery... 
these two were my favorites.... couldn't stop laughing! :) 

the first picture's caption was "please don't steal my organs" 
the second picture's caption was "pre-op healing" 

and then on the other spectrum of friendship... my friends helped me not freak out about surgery with their encouraging texts such as this one :) all my nursing friends
were just so excited about my scar!            
congenital heart defect cardiac surgerycongenital heart defect cardiac surgery

day of surgery was quite exciting and the laughs kept coming. 
since you have to complain about something I decided on the one size fits all 
gowns... they are atrocious! 

my favorite was when I was saying good bye to my family and my mom said "you'll be fine" [i think she was trying to reassure herself] so I proceded to tell all of them "you'll be fine"
I had the easy part ahead of me... they had to wait around all day for me :) 

congenital heart defect cardiac surgery

I am quite proud to say that I was the only ICU patient wearing a crown... winner :)
I had a very stern discussion with Aaron and my mom that they had to take pictures of me on the ventilator [hello what nurse wouldn't want to see pictures of themselves] since 
they wouldn't let me watch the surgery [rude] anyways the first time my family came in
to see me I started making motions with my hand. 

"oh my goodness I think she wants to tell us something... where's some paper and a pen?!" 

try again mom...
"do you want us to take a picture?"

ding ding ding Aaron understood my sign language 

congenital heart defect cardiac surgery

thumbs up for pictures while on the ventilator 

congenital heart defect cardiac surgery

Danielle & Kylie are great friends I met while in nursing school... they didn't even ask if they could come to Mayo they just told me they were coming!
Thanks for sharing so many intimate & hilarious moments with me

having a personal respiratory therapist & pediatric nurse was wonderful. Kylie even dried between the butt cheeks [out of habit supposedly] after she gave me a shower. 

Danielle has the BEST and MOST CONTAGIOUS laugh ever! 

congenital heart defect cardiac surgery

btw one of the most motivating things for walking was stalking this hott european movie star [that's the back story we decided on] with these girls. 
once we walked 5 laps around the floor all because his door was open :)

congenital heart defect cardiac surgery

the "poop pic" I had some issues with constipation and was slightly excited when I finally went. this may or may not have been sent to some friends 

"it's coming out of me like lava" 

It was soooo epic of a poop I even weighed myself after... I lost about 3lbs 

These two are awesome... nuff said :) I think open heart surgery was a little more stressful for you guys but hopefully you had as much fun as I did :) :) 

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I loved yelling "you're not my real mom"  

while I was getting the emergency chest tube placed I whispered "I can't breathe" 
my lovely mom heard "just pray" 
I think she thought I was telling her I was dying :) 

congenital heart defect cardiac surgerycongenital heart defect cardiac surgery

and of course doing some role reversal :) 

in all seriousness....

"if we couldn't laugh we would all go insane"
- Robert Frost


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