Stitch Fix #3 // February 2016

Friday, February 26, 2016

Who has time to shop these days?! As much as it pains me to admit, this girl has no free time for retail therapy. Life is too crazy at the moment. Aaron and I keep reminding ourselves and each other "It's just for a season." And by season we mean until May 2018 aka graduation. Aaron is still working part-time. I'm doing 2-3 shifts a week at the hospital. All I want to do is play with Ike. Side note: we are planning Ike's 1st birthday party. Don't ask me how my little man is almost ONE!! And school sucks. Sleep is a luxury these days so pardon my blood shot eyes. 

Oh and yes, I also start clinicals in a few weeks. I'm actually super excited about clinicals minus the fact that I have to dress business causal. What even is that?! This girl lives in yoga pants or jeans or scrubs so yeah.... 

Julia has styled my last 2 fixes (Stitch Fix #1 Stitch Fix #2) and is starting to nail my style!
I asked her for an all tops fix that included fun business causal staples. I also begged her for a chambray top since I've been searching for one for over a year with no success. I either hate the wash or it's too boxy or I find some reason I hate it. And boy oh boy did she deliver!

Confession. I totally peeked the second I was notified my fix had shipped. If you have an iPhone you can download the Stitch Fix App and there's a loop hole to look at what is being sent. It made for a long couple of days!

February 2016 Stitch Fix Review

I started with what I was least excited about - the 41 Hawthorn Quay Henley Blouse ($58). Once again, I was pleasantly surprised that I didn't hate something as much as I thought I would. I actually ended up liking this top a lot after pairing it with skinny jeans and over-the-knee boots. I don't wear a lot of white so this was slightly out of my comfort zone. 

February 2016 Stitch Fix Review - 41 Hawthorn Quay Henley Blouse

Oh. my. goodness. I seriously was beginning to think my closet would never have a chambray top. And then Julia sent me the Liverpool Olsson Button Down Top  ($58) and it is perfection. So freaking soft (like I've said before soft clothes are my weakness) and so freaking comfortable and those freaking buttons on the back?! I knew right away I was keeping this. This is a top I will be reaching for a lot. 

February 2016 Stitch Fix Review - Liverpool Olsson Button Down Top

Next up was the 41 Hawthorn Ivy Split Neck Print Blouse ($58). This print made me so happy. Who knew that purple and pink went together?! I loved the quarter-length sleeves that could be rolled/buttoned up to be shorter and it also paired great with black dress pants. I probably should have kept this one... but I was determined to only keep two items and Julia sent a fantastic fix. This top just barely didn't make the cut. 

February 2016 Stitch Fix Review - 41 Hawthorn Ivy Split Neck Print Blouse

I had fallen in love with the BRIXTON IVY Elmar Embroidered Cutout Blouse ($68) the moment I saw it on Pinterest. Cobalt blue is seriously to die for plus the cut out details on the sleeves are amazing plus the draping in the front is so fun. Sadly, the fit in the shoulders just wasn't great and I didn't like how it looked with dress pants so back it went. 

February 2016 Stitch Fix Review - BRIXTON IVY Elmar Embroidered Cutout Blouse

I begged Julia to send me the RD Style Novalli Split Back Top ($48) and I freaked out when I saw it was in this fix. One, I am obsessed with this color of grey/silver. Two, short sleeves. Three, the back of this top is so fun. I'm pretty sure I will be living in this once it's warm enough. Definitely keeping. 

February 2016 Stitch Fix Review - RD Style Novalli Split Back Top

I am loving Stitch Fix more with each fix I've received. I decided to give it a try to get me out of a fashion rut after having Ike. I love the convenience of having someone else pick out 5 pieces and having it sent to my door. It's also wonderful to have several days to try them on in the comfort of my own room with my closet right there. I don't know about you but I often buy something thinking it will work only to get home and discover it doesn't go with anything I own. So far I've kept one necklace and five tops - all items that I wear regularly. Most of them I would not have picked out for myself. It's so easy to stay in your comfort zone but what fun is that! Until next time Stitch Fix!

What is Stitch Fix?

1. Sign up at here to create an account and style profile. Huge hugs if you use my referral link to sign up!

2. Optional create a Pinterest board for your stylist to look at and gather inspiration for your fix. Here's mine! This is a great way to let your stylist know things that you are loving or want to try. 

3. Schedule your fix You can sign up for automatic or individual fixes... basically anytime your heart or closet desires.

4. Wait impatiently to receive your fix. For me this means stalking the mailman until my fix arrives.

5. Try everything on in the comfort of your own home. I love being able to style the items with things from my closet to see if it's a keeper or not. 

6. Send back anything you don't want using the prepaid mailing bag.

7. Check out online This is where you let your stylist know why you liked or didn't like something. This feedback helps as they style future fixes. 

Here are a couple FYIs I have figured out so far.

Styling Fee ($20) You pay this when you schedule a fix, but this amount goes toward whatever you purchase. It's only a "loss" if you don't keep anything from your fix. 

Shipping (free) Enough said.

Referral Bonus Remember the referral link I mentioned earlier? Stitch Fix has a fantastic referral program. When someone signs up using your referral link you receive a $25 credit once their first fix ships. 

Buy 5 Discount If you keep all 5 items you receive a 25% discount. So for instance this fix totaled $286, but If I had kept all 5 tops I would have only spent $189.50. It's a great deal if you love everything. 


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