shopping with Nans

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

I've always loved shopping. like a lot. probably too much actually. my senior year of high school I went to the mall every single week and I pretty much always came home with at least one bag. in college I went on a shopping fast for an entire summer. of course bills and being an "adult" have helped my shopping compulsion to calm down. but I still love a shopping adventure. 

I also want to introduce you all to a lovely friend. Nans is a bit psychotic and unpredictable and very needy. oh and I can't ever get away from her. Sounds like a great friend right?! yes I am talking about my autonomic disorder. Nans is the short and sweet nickname for my (naughty) autonomic nervous system. 

so shopping with Nans in tow is not always pleasant. today I was nauseated, my legs were fat and swollen, I was hungry and desperately in need of caffeine. But I'm really glad that I let Aaron talk me into a little shopping. My summer wardrobe is seriously lacking these days. Needing to include compression sleeves in an outfit is challenging. well only if I want to look cute. So I've been on the look out for some maxi skirts and/or dresses. Target had some adorable ones but wouldn't you know they all had side slits. I was not happy.  

anywho back to today. Aaron found a close parking spot by the door that was the shortest distance to where Forever 21 is located in the mall. Never had to think about that before Nans came along. We went straight to Forever 21 and I only looked at maxi dresses and skirts. no energy to spare. I now have not one, not two but four adorable maxi dresses. a black one, a stripped one, a dressier tan one, and a blue/purple one. I even got a fun necklace. I refuse to have compression sleeves as my only accessory. One reason I love my husband is I was only going to buy 2 dresses but insisted I get them all. If you know me, then you know that I always listen to my husband (sarcasm). this seemed like a wonderful time to listen though. 

Hooray for a successful shopping adventure with Nans. This girl is all set for her first summer with Nans. good bye short shorts it's time for me to embrace maxi dresses.

Shopping with Dysautonomia


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