Capsule Wardrobe Adventures // I got rid of my dresser

Friday, February 17, 2017

Please tell me you have heard of a capsule wardrobe?

One of my biggest pet peeves is getting ready to go somewhere and having nothing to wear. And by nothing to wear I mean my entire closet is on the floor because I hate everything that I have tried on. How does this happen?! I mean I bought everything that's in my closet. How can I hate it?

Drives me crazy.

Who has time to try on outfit after outfit only to figure out you still hate everything in your closet?! And who has time to pick up that huge mess?! And who wants to wear clothes they hate or even just don't really like.

Not me.

I want to be able to close my eyes and pick a bottom clothing article and a top clothing article and have it match. I want to spend less than 5 minutes getting dressed for any occasion. I want to love every single piece of clothing that I love. I want to "look" put together even if my life is utter chaos (as it has been recently). I want to have less than 25 hangers in my closet. Basically I figured out that I want need a capsule wardrobe.

So I got rid of my dresser. And almost everything that was in it.

All of my pants are rolled and in an over-the-door shoe storage thing. I have three bins on my closet shelf that have scrubs, bras/undies/socks, and camis. And then I have my tops. I am down to 35 hangers and hoping to whittle it down even more. This includes all tops, sweaters, cardigans and dresses.

So far I love it. Getting dressed is simple and most importantly not stressful. I can easily pick out a bottom and a top and instantly have an outfit in all of two minutes if I'm taking my time. Another perk is that all of my clothing can be dressed up or dressed down just by changing a few things. I am realizing that classic pieces  beat current fads and that I am a huge fan of black tops.

So cheers to simplifying life and my closet and making room for things that I love. Cheers to the adventures of a capsule wardrobe. I'm excited to see what I think and learn along the way!


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