Capsule Wardrobe Adventures // 5 reasons I love it

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Here is the two week(ish) life update on how the capsule wardrobe adventure is going.


Instead of a long-winded explanation of how having a capsule wardrobe is changing my life, I figured I would give you a list. So here are 5 reasons that I'm loving a capsule wardrobe.

less decisions
Apparently I'm like a toddler and need less decisions in my life to maintain my sanity.
Pick top. Pick bottom. Pick shoes.
Put on Nickel & Suede earrings, which are the only earrings I wear.
Done and ready to take on the day just like that.
Limited options are fantastic!

less time spent picking out an outfit 
I didn't realize how much time I wasted on getting dressed.
Now it takes less than 5 minutes - and sometimes less than 1 minute - to get ready for anything
such a day at clinical, a day at the zoo or a day at home.

less clothes on my floor 
Since there isn't any more trying on outfit after outfit, clothes aren't ending up on the floor.
I feel like such an adult now!

less laundry to wash
Not even kidding about this reason.
At the end of the day, clothes either go back in their spot or back on their hanger or into the
dirty clothes basket. No more picking clothes up off the floor and trying
to remember if it's dirty or not. 

less need to shop 
Who cares about the latest trends or what season it is! Living in Nebraska we can have every
season in the span of a week. No problem because the capsule wardrobe works for any 
occasion and all seasons with a few minor adjustments. I have a few key essentials
I'm still on the lookout for but otherwise I'm set for today's 70 degree
weather, tomorrow's rain and Friday's snowy forecast.

And there you have it - five simple reasons I am so glad that I got rid of my dresser, got rid of a bunch of clothes and am now embracing a smaller wardrobe. Less of what doesn't matter makes more room for what does matter. Next up on my list of items to simplify is shoes and nail polish colors!


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