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Thursday, May 22, 2014

one perk of life that i am thoroughly enjoying is Pinterest days. it started out as a girls day to make some simple crafts and make new recipes and has now evolved into something much more serious and hardcore. aka i borrowed {indefinitely} my dad's miter saw. haven't cut off any fingers yet. safety is always a priority just take a look at the last picture. anywho i thought it would be fun to do a diy series on some of what i and my partner in crime Danielle have been making/redoing the past couple of months.  

chalk paint + why
it's really simple why i love using diy chalk paint. easy and cheap to make. minimal to no sanding. great coverage. no primer or polyurethane needed. dries extremely fast so no waiting. it provides a great finish. apparently you can use paint on just about any surface (wood, pressed wood, fabric, metal, etc). 

chalk paint + make it
i adapted this recipe from Lowes for making my own chalk paint. trust me buying chalk paint will cost you an arm and leg. pick up some {cheap} plaster of paris and you're set for a while.

+ 5 TBS of plaster of paris 
+ add in a little bit of water and mix til smooth
+ add in about 2 cups of paint. any paint will do but my favorite brand is Behr.

chalk paint + use it 
+ sand if you want or need to. honestly i normally skip this step just cause it's an extra step that is pretty much unnecessary. 
+ paint. i usually do 3 coats of paint. it dries fast as in really fast. normally by the time i'm done with the first layer i can start the next layer. 
+ time to wax. i use Annie Sloan's clear wax with some cheesecloth. just follow the directions. i do two coats of wax on any surfaces that are high traffic. it's important to realize that it takes 4-6 weeks for the wax to cure/harden to completion so just be gentle. here's a great Q&A on using Annie Sloan chalk paint and wax. 

chalk paint + makeovers 

chalk paint

i found this gem of a chair on the side of a road. a little chalk paint and some leopard print fabric and it's become one of my favorite chairs. 

so one time my path crossed with a lady who was cleaning out a hoarder's house. true story. my love for hoarders was reaffirmed. the TV show motivates me to clean, get rid of crap, and finish projects. this real life hoarder gave me some free {ugly} furniture that was in desperate need of some TLC in the form of  chalk paint.

chalk paint

this navajo dresser became a bit more modern with white chalk paint and black knobs. it's hanging out in Danielle's guest room. i think this totally proves that paint can transform absolutely anything.   

chalk paint

pressed wood does NOT require endless coats of primer in order to be painted. i had my doubts after reading many tutorials on the subject but chalk paint most certainly can be used to paint pressed wood. thank goodness cause otherwise i would have had to get rid of Aaron's dresser. 

chalk paint

I fell in love with these chairs instantly and snagged four of them. Danielle painted two of them white and created an adorable sitting area in her room. I painted two black and they are in our bedroom.

in case you aren't convinced that painting furniture {especially with chalk paint} is the way to go here a just a couple more.

*  *  *  *  *

time for me to get back to chalk painting and waxing. i leave you with this picture. safety and fun are always a priority. happy Pinterest-ing friends.


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