Monday, February 10, 2014

three moves in less than nine months is pure craziness.
thank goodness we are planning on staying at this place a little longer than the last place.
we absolutely love it plus it was quite the adventure getting our box spring upstairs. 

it's amazing how simple things make you love a place so stinking much. 
wood floors. old fixtures.  so many windows. double sink. my own washer & dryer. off-street parking. an upstairs, downstairs, basement and attic. tall ceilings. blah blah blah.     

anyhow we've been here a little over a weeks and boy I thought for sure I would have this place organized top to bottom. 
nope not really. 
about half way there. maybe. 
i blame Pinterest for making me think that everything has to be organized, cleaned, and decorated. 
not really complaining I'm thoroughly enjoying all the do-it-myself projects. 
so welcome to the main floor. 

living room

Living Room DIY Decorating

Living Room DIY Decorating


dinning room

dinning room



oh yes I'm kind of obsessed with pigs

pig themed kitchen

pig themed kitchen

little things i love

this makes me love checking the mail
these door knobs
thank you Goodwill Warehouse for this $6 rug
fun straws for the bar
and then I discovered patterned straws exist *mind blown* 
DIY Decorating
tall ceilings + my favorite wine bottle holder 
one floor down and two more to go. 
here's to more Pinterest days, cleaning, organizing and falling more in love with our new home. and hopefully more blog posts. 

seriously life is just so grand. Happy Monday :) 


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