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Saturday, January 4, 2014

Happy New Year!! so one of my being goals for 2014 was being content. 

content [kuh-n-tent]
  • in a state of peaceful happiness 
I absolutely love this definition. peaceful happiness. that sounds amazing. being content seems like such a simple thing and I'm beginning to think that it actually is. the hard part is actually staying content. remaining in a state of peaceful happiness.

for me being content is twofold. grateful + celebration. 

I found a little inspiration on Pinterest {who am i kidding... that's basically where all my inspiration comes from} it's quite simple. during the year you fill up a jar. big or small. mundane or exciting. anything and everything goes in. then on New Year's Eve you go through the contents. it's like a mini time capsule.


yesterday a piece of paper made its way into our jar.  Aaron and I found out that we will be the next renters of a midtown duplex that we are absolutely in love with. great location, brick exterior, dark wood floors, 9ft ceilings. we feel like we won the lottery. move in date is February 1st.  

Cheers to 2014 & being in a state of peaceful happiness! 


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