a little (un)healthy competition

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

all my friends and family know I'm slightly competitive as in totally and completely stupidly competitive. anything can be turned into a competition... like recovering from open heart surgery.

so this lady was my roommate in ICU. we'll just call her roomie...  this is the documentation of our strange interactions and how I totally got my butt kicked.

1. someone got a great nights sleep after surgery - way to go roomie. there I was in pain, puking my brains out, and awake. every time the nurse checked on her she was totally fine and didn't need anything. not cool.

side note I LOVE me some Katy Perry music and my husband very kindly put some on while I was in ICU. Totally remember loving the background music... and totally hoping roomie wasn't offended by some of the lyrics or French words :)

"I wanna see your peacock, cock, cock your peacock cock your peacock"

MAYBE Katy really really like birds specifically peacocks :) 

2. fast forward to the next morning... time to get up to the chair. no big deal right? WRONG! roomie got up to the chair like a boss in fact she practically jumped out of bed... show off. my attempt went something like this - get to the chair, blood pressure drops, feel dizzy, puke, almost pass out trying to get back to bed, feel like total crap... meanwhile roomie is figuring out what she wants for breakfast. I got applesauce and soda crackers. 

3. and this is what did it - I ended up getting a very large pneumothorax which is when your lung collapses due to air or fluid around it. so there I was lying in my room barely able to breathe and in a lot of pain waiting for the doctors to put an emergency chest tube in AND WHO DECIDES TO WALK BY?!?!?! roomie... she was smiling actually beaming... she didn't have any tubes... and she was wearing make-up (who has time for that?!)... life was perfect. 

all I could think was "that really pisses me off"

congenital heart defect cardiac surgery
post chest tube insertion... not one of my fondest surgery memories

by the way she was NINETY-ONE years old. 
yes I know embarrassing

roomie hope you are still kicking younger butts and recovering well from surgery :) :)  


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