\\ being financially free //

Thursday, March 6, 2014

So this year I decided to focus on being rather than doing. Currently I am really excited about this goal 

\\ Being Financially Free // 

We started tackling out debt (read here) with the help of Dave Ramsey in 2012. At the time, I was not totally convinced it would work but I'm hooked now. Mostly because it's easy, stress-free, and liberating.  Bet you didn't know those words could be associated with finances. You could almost say it's fun!  

Yesterday I [finally] organized our finance binder and [finally finally] made a budget binder. Yay for organization. Also I'm totally realizing I have become "that" person but I'm okay with that.

Finance Binder // this binder has everything and anything that has to do with household bills, school loans, health and renter's insurance, retirement information, and receipts of bills/debts that are paid in full. 

What (specifically) goes in here // you know all that important stuff you get in the mail and don't know what to do with? basically anything that's really important (aka can't be thrown away) gets put in the clear plastic sheet for that specific account/bill. then if I ever need it I know exactly where it is. the pink 3 inch binder is so much cuter than a filing cabinet (but not cute enough for pictures). 

Budget Binder // this binder is devoted to budgeting. now all I have to do is grab this binder and I can create our monthly budget, look at our current budget, pay bills, etc. everything I need is in this binder. 

What (specifically) goes in here // basically my brain 

creating a budget binder

\\ post-it notes, calculator, and a multi-color pen (because I like things color coordinated) 

creating a budget binder

\\ next is a little inspiration along with The Seven Baby Steps thank you Dave Ramsey! also I know Dave Ramsey says to put $1,000 in an emergency fund... I just like a little extra padding. 

\\ Debt Page. this lists the outstanding amounts (smallest to largest), minimum payments, and our financial goals for 2014. i update the debt amounts every couple months when I think of it or whenever I feel like we aren't making progress. it's a good pick me up to see those numbers dwindling. 

\\ Login Information. totally saves the day when I am racking my brain trying to remember a password for one of our million accounts. also since I do the finances I figured Aaron should have a cheat sheet in case he ever needs to pay something. 

\\ Monthly Budget Worksheet. I stumbled across this amazing and free to download monthly budgeting sheet from Live Called and I would definitely encourage you to check it out and use it. I love it! 

\\ Calendar. I'm a big picture type of person so I print out a calendar of each month. All of our bills + payment amount are written in red on the due date. Any income is written in blue on the pay day. this helps me figure out what bills will be paid from which paycheck, ensures I don't forget anything, and gives me the opportunity to cross things off (something I love to do)
creating a budget binder

\\ I have no idea how it's 2014 and some bills still have to paid over the phone or with a check. anyways this is my little station for writing out checks complete with cute stamps, envelopes, and a checkbook. 

\\ the last section just holds all previous month's budgets for reference. 

*  *  *  *  *
I'm so excited to be organized and officially a budgeting person. It's going to be a great year of being financially free! I think goals are important so you know where you're headed and what you're aiming for. these are the goals Aaron and I set for ourselves in the theme of being financially free.  

Pay off car loan // Pay off 75% of credit card // pay $100 per month toward school loans 

Check out my thoughts on budgeting including what type of budget we use and different ways we are moving toward financial freedom! 


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